approachable and stylish upscale restaurant serving innovative, locally sourced cuisine.

the food.

from the creative mind of chef christian comes an innovative menu focused on hyper-seasonality and expert technique.
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the chef.

christian began cooking as soon as he could see over the stove. his earliest food memories are of cooking polish perogies and chicken dumpling soup with his mother and grandmother. he began his formal culinary career in boise, idaho while still in high school, working for austrian master chef peter schott. as he progressed as a professional chef, he worked under chef allen susser at his james beard award winning chef allen’s restaurant in aventura; managed east coast culinary operations for pass the pork; and ran the kitchen at the much loved old town brasserie in chicago. it was at la table provençale in shenandoah valley where christian had the opportunity to tend the gardens and orchards, and came to truly appreciate fresh, organic produce.

with this new found passion of nourishing fruits and vegetables, christian opened the progressive food concept mission heirloom in berkley, california as the creative culinary director. he worked with hundreds of california farmers and ranchers on integrating productivity, economic returns, ecological stewardship, soil fertility, regenerative practices, and distribution networks.

this experience shaped christian’s food philosophy. it proved that a restaurant and food service company can be 100% organic, non-gmo, and most of all sustainable. it’s this philosophy that led him full circle back to boise to start his own farm and open camel’s crossing. he looks forward to helping develop small local farms and hand-crafting a new, healthy idaho cuisine.

the owners.

scott and caitlin mccoy moved to boise sight unseen from portland in 2016. a long-time service industry veteran, scott always had his sights set on owning his own place. he and caitlin look forward to offering hyde park and boise a welcoming, intimate space to discover new wines and cuisine.